Please see or leave feedback in the comments section below, thank you :-)

lifeatmyfingertips said...
Beautiful luxurious fur collars at a very reasonable price. Fabulous packaging, and love all the detailed instructions on this site. All the colours are beautiful, I want them all!! :)

880 said...
I have all three colors (am asian with olive skin) and got one each also for my mom, step mother (blonde) and mother in law (light brown). We all love them! And, its a fabulous way to get more use out of your scarves in the winter! thanks MT!

dill.bob said...
Amazingly beautiful and fabulous quality! The extra mileage they give to my H scarves in the winter has just been priceless. With fantastic packaging and un-paralled service, they make such an affordable and wonderful treat, I cannot recommend highly enough!!

Kate said...
Simply stunning and such quality! MT exceptional service, step by step instructions and photos make these collars an essential piece for winter! Thank you so much Mai Tai. x

jastanbury said...
This is my new favorite fashion accessory, and I've gotten so much more mileage out of my existing scarf collection too. I've even had someone ask me if I was wearing a new coat once I'd added the collar and scarf! (It adds elegance and flair to any coat, jacket, sweater set, etc.) The packaging is lovely; the delivery is fast, and the customer service amazing. I'm so pleased and will definitely be ordering again . . . and again!
hair-mess said...
I'm so glad to have already found a few of next years christmas presents :-). Truly love my collar as it is snuggly warm, fluffy and light. What really surprised me was, that I didn't get heated up, when wearing it in the mall! Perfect elegance at a more than fair price, plus it goes with all of my coats. I could just go on, but have to go and practice some more how to! Thank you so much, MT!

casiewbao said...
Hello from sunny singapore! This has to be the most amazing and versatile fur collar. You can almost loop any scarves, silk ribbons, pompoms, leather strap to it. All you need is Ms Foxy and your imagination. It keeps me really warm this winter when holidaying in France. The fur is so luxurious, and very good workmanship. I am impressed by the choice of ribbon used for the loops, it will not pull your silk scarf when you pull or loop it through. One can't have enough, I have TWO. Thanks for bringing this little affordable luxury into our life. Will be back for more.
C4H said...
It's so cold today in Paris and I really enjoyed wearing one of the two beautiful fur collars I have received from MaÏ Taï . I went to the Faubourg this morning and got a lot of compliments ;-)
Flossie said...
Such a glamourous and fun item . Easy to use too and what a fun way to wear H scarves . I have both black and brown and am tempted to buy more . I need them this winter as it's -10 in Edinburgh . I feel like a million dollars when I wear mine , don't you ? .Timeless and elegant style . Beautifully wrapped and superfast delivery from the perfect seller . Thank you MT !

JA_UK said...
This is a must have accessory that will add instant glamour to any wardrobe. I have the brown and will shortly be ordering the grey! The swift delivery, elegant packaging and hand written note gives a personal touch and completes a wonderful shopping experience!! Thanks MaiTai!!
Hermeshermione said...
I am so happy I bought the fur collar, it allowed me to wear a host of scarves that for some reason did not pop on their own. It has added a glam factor to several plain cashmere business coats. It is comfortable to wear and apart from any fashion reason, it is so cosy around the neck particularly in this winter season. Having purchased the brown, I wonder now about the new Caramel and of course they grey...roll on the colours!! I have a lot of scarves...

Terese Winson said...
MaiTai is the perfect Hermes style guide, and the fur collar is a perfect accessory to complement any ensemble. My fur collar loves me. Compliments flow when I wear mine. Thanks MaiTai. From Southern California.
Anonymous said...
i love the fur collar and i think it is one of the best accesory i have come across. the packing was beutiful and the service from the owner was superb. alisa january 7, 2010
Anonymous said...
The ultimate in luxury & glamour!Unbelievably priced & brings an instant lift to any outfit!It is so incredibly soft to the skin.This is the must have item for added versatility to your scarves!!!Love it ,love,it love it!! Diva999
Linda said...
So generous of MaiTai to share her fabulous style with us at such a reasonable price. She is a dream to work with. My collar has renewed my interest in scarves and necklaces. Her tips and customer service are the absolute best! I cannot more highly recommend her and her collar! Pursemania

Bonjour Madame said...
I am very pleased with the scarf fur collar I purchased here. The quality is outstanding and every detail is so well made and thought out. The collar offers endless flexibility with my scarves and can transform an outfit. I have worn this with a simple long cardigan and it made the look instantly chic. The item arrived nicely packaged and safe all the way from France to the United States with no problem. Also, it's an affordable accessory to add to your wardrobe while achieving maximum versatility. I look forward to purchasing my next fur collar from Mai Tai! Stephanie
Anonymous said...
Thank you so much Mai Tai for these wonderful accessories. I have the Brown and Caramel Collars to date. They are beautiful, warm, glamorous and so versatile! They give a new lease of life to scarves, coats and jackets that would normally have been hibernating during the winter months e.g. I have a beige leather jacket, which I have always thought of as spring/summer, but with the Caramel Fox it looks like a winter piece now! I love it! The quality of them is only matched by the efficiency of your service and presentation, they are a joy to receive and of course, wear. You make it personal and that is so rare these days, particularly internet shopping! You have restored my faith in customer sales! Merci esmeh
Maura said...
Dear Maitai, thank you so much for my beautiful collars (brown and grey). Where I live we are currently experiencing our coldest winter for thirty years - it is difficult as we are not prepared for such conditions but one upside is that it is perfect for wearing the collars, they are simply faboulous! On a general note, I have to say that your site is an absolute joy as is dealing with you. You have incredible style which you share so generously. I will be ordering a caramel collar in the next day or two!

DaiGaJie said...
I have both brown and black collars. The brown one was meant as a gift for a friend but I love it too much to let go. MaiTai's fur collars are not just any fur collars. They're made with passion and devotion by a stylish French lady who is always so generous to share her creative styling tips with us. I am happy that more colours are coming! ~ Juli
Anonymous said...
I love my black collar and wear it all the time! I live in Chicago and it's the perfect accessory - today I have it threaded with a silk eyelash yarn scarf my mom made. It's become my "go to" item all winter long. As others have said, it doesn't make me feel too warm while wearing it and it's the perfect size and shape. I love how I feel when I wear it, and my only complaint is that I want more! Thank you, Mai Tai, for these wonderful collars, I can't recommend them enough - xxoo Joanne
Anonymous said...
Love my newest accessory. It's great, gives me new reason to buy more H scarves especailly plisses. What a great fashion item, instantly dresses and glams up a tired looking outfit to give new pizazz. Quality is top notch, fur and workmanship. Thank you MissM

Anonymous said...
The fur collar has been such a welcome addition to my wardrobe as it adds a beautiful look to simple sweaters and blouses. I would love to have them all! Thank you MaiTai for adding this luxury to my wardrobe. Cheri

Anonymous said...
I am having such fun with these perfect little gems playing dress up in my own closet! Beautiful,elegant,chic they are,all of the same words that come to mind in describing the thoughtful Mai Tai. I cannot wait to receive the caramel Ms. Foxy to play with! Thank you so much! Trudye

Anonymous said...
Thank you MT, for the deliciously elegant little furry neck warmer which is both beautifully designed and presented AND for your extra special effort to get it to me by Christmas, which was so much appreciated. I have had many admiring comments down here on the exposed South Coast of England. I will spread the word! Cynny

Barbara said...
This cleverly designed and oh-so-elegant fur color has revived my interest in wearing scarves. The weight is perfect -- not too warm to wear indoors, yet warm enough to keep my neck warm outside. Now, the big question is which scarf to wear with my fur color today. Thank you, Mai Tai! MillStream
Anonymous said...
I am in LOVE my with new fox fur collar! It is so classic and chic. It provides a luxurious, elegant touch of glamour to any basic outfit. It is such a well-crafted and versatile item – I love how it extends the use of my scarves, necklaces, and other accessories. Thank you for generously posting your stylish and creative examples of how to wear them. I will be sad when the weather is no longer chilly! The toughest part – which color to choose? I think I need one in every color! Thank you so much -- Louisa
Anonymous said...
These fox fur collars are THE best fashion accessory I've seen in a long time! My black one has already won rave reviews from my husband, ladies passing me on the street in Palm Beach, and my Hermes SA. I'm so in love with the fashionable look, quality, versatility and how they extend my scarf collection that I've happily already ordered 3 more: brown, gray and caramel. Thank you so very much Mai Tai for creating this chic, elegant fur collar!!! Merrydish
Anonymous said...
I love my fur collar, it´s gorgeous and I´m happy about it. Thank you for the expeditious delivery and the beautiful packaging. Bri
Anonymous said...
Hello from very cold Toronto - I absolutely love my grey collar. It is so elegant and versatile. The size is perfect and the fur is top quality. Every time I wear it I always get comments from complete strangers. Thanks MT! Toniec

Victoria said...
Merci for the glossy, gorgeous fur collar, MaiTai! In Maryland, USA sometimes we have very cold and also unseasonably warm weather; the chic dark brown fur collar has been the perfect accessory this cold, snowy winter, but it will also provide "just a touch" of fur on the warmer but still wintry days. I appreciated the swift delivery, even more impressive as it was ordered during the holiday rush. Also the fact that the ribbons are smooth and do not scratch my scarves, and that the sheen and quality of the actual fur are top notch. I think you should enclose some business cards along with each collar; I could have sold this right off my shoulders multiple times! Cheers, Victoria
Anonymous said...
"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra." I've got a brown one and I am so happy about its longing to touch quality, well-thought-out details and the versatility of looks it provides. I travel a lot and could economize my luggage yet expand the luxury though. The collar glams up your wardrobe instantly at the perfect degree and feels so comfortable. Thank you MaiTai for bringing this little extra to us. MrsPossible
Anonymous said...
I love my fur collar!!!!!!!! The quality of the fur is really outstanding!! Whenever I hold the fur collar in my hands, the smooth and luxurious texture of the fur never fails to put a smile on my face =). MaiTai has really been THE BEST to work with as well -- the swift delivery, responsiveness to emails, amazing packaging, lovely handwritten card with the package and most importantly, the generosity in sharing the MANY ways to wear this outstanding piece of luxury! THANK YOU SO MUCH MAITAI! Can't say enough of how lovely and kind a person you are! *hugs* Juicyagogo xx
gracekelly said...
I loved my black fox so much that I subsequently went for the brown fox. Beautiful fur and so cleverly put together. Enjoying them immensely!
Anonymous said...
What more can I add that is not already mentioned? Fabulous fur from a wonderful seller with great communication!! She's the walking model. A+++. *thumbs up* xo ms piggy

Pauillac said...
MaiTai's scarf fur collar is beautiful, chic and fabulous, just like its creator! Wear it and you will be instantly transformed into her! Ok, not really, but it is part of the fantasy, isn't it?! Seriously, it is such a fun and functional accessory and it adds luxury and glamour to your outfits. The fur complements the scarves and the scarves complements the fur! They were meant to be together. The fur collar is so well crafted and beautifully packaged and well priced - it's a must have for sure! Thank you so much MaiTai for making the planet a more glamorous place!! xoxo, Pauillac

Lutz said...
Thanks, MaiTai, for bringing us such fabulous fur collars and sharing the many ideas of how to wear them. I started to dig into my H scarf collection which has been sitting in the wardrobe for too long. And I had to purchase the H Farandole necklace in order to imitate MT's style. I am sure H's business has gone up significantly since these collars are introduced. :) said...
Dear MaiTai Thank you so much for the beautiful fur collar that adds elegance and glamour to any outfit. Thank you as well for your kindness in suggesting the different ways of how to use the different fur collars. Your delivery was quick, the packaging great, the service personal and friendly. Thank you. I will order again, I´m sure.
Anonymous said...
I adore my black collar. It is the perfect touch to dress up an outfit. I just discovered the two-loop tie, and cannot wait to try that. I can't wait to see the salt and pepper collar, that may well be my next purchase. warmest regards to you, dear MaiTai.

Anonymous said...
Dear Mai Tai - thank you for my super quick posted caramel collar. She looks wonderful with navy and I have put her on an old short coat which she has instantly reinvented. My observant sons thought I had bought a new coat :) Will be back for the new salt and pepper. Thank you again ssbouet

Anonymous said...
MaiTai, collar arrived safely and is being worn a lot. I find it works well with my long military style coat. Will try to send a photo when I am feeling brave. Thank you so much! Bienchen
Anonymous said...
Dearest MaiTai, I want to thank you so much for this wonderful fur you have sent promptly!!! It's simply perfect - there's nothing left to say.... :) But even more I want to thank you for your way of communication and style sharing with so-to-say relatively anonymous people all around the world. You show that there is only one language connecting people... Looking forward to many more connections and purchases...! Mart

Scarf Addict said...
I love my black fur collar and it certainly kept me warm in the recent cold weather! The collar gives my Hermes scarves, pointus and twillys so much more use and my favourite look is wearing it with a plisse in a flower knot. That said it looks equally good with a humble wool or cashmere scarf when you really need warmth so it is both practical and glamourous all in one. My collar was carefully packaged in acid free tissue paper tied with ribbon just like the photos and it was delivered very quickly and I found it very good value for money. Now I have my eyes on the grey and caramel.....thank you MaiTai you've done a great job.
Anonymous said...
I LOVE my black fox collar...... it really gives lif to basics in my closet paired with scarves and necklaces. I think I need a brown too!! Bagmoma

Judith said...
Mai Tai's fur collar is an absolute "must have" for any woman's wardrobe...especially for those of us who live in the colder climates. Elegant, warm and the perfect accessory to accompany your Hermes scarves...twills, twillies, plisses and pointus. Absolutely PERFECT! I am thinking of who will get these beauties for Christmas 2010! Many thanks, Mai Tai, for sharing this beauty with us. Best, Judy/Rochester, NY
Haniel said...
Liebe MaiTai, vielen Dank für die schönen Pelzkragen. Passend zur Jahreszeit: wunderschöne und flauschige Pelzkragen, die sich hervorragend mit den Hermès Tüchern kombinierenlassen. Liebevoll verpackt auf den Weg gebracht und sehnsüchtig erwartet. Die Pelzkragen sind eine Augenweide und wärmen wunderbar in diesen kalten Tagen. Vielen lieben Dank! Herzliche Grüsse sendet Haniel

Ladylove said...
Thank you so much MaiTai for the lovely fur collar and the wonderful styling photos. My color arrived so quickly and was packaged to perfection. You are the best...I hope you can come up with a similar accesory for the upcoming spring/summer season. Beth

Holsby said...
Dear MaiTai, I am very glad that I couldn’t resist buying three fur collars – black, grey and brown! I use them nearly every day at work and at home. It’s very cold now so the collars are perfect wintertime, but I think I’m going to use them evenings in the spring and autumn as well. I use the fur collars together with scarves or twillies, with brooches or with necklaces. Your pictures are such inspiration. It is fun to play! For the moment I’m wearing Ms Grey with a brooch.
hair-mess said...
Dear Mai Tai - just received my second fur collar today and I literally can't wait to try and wear it! As some have said it already - a definite must-have; so good one "must have" one in every colour. :-) Thank you so much, HM.

Jan said...
I LURVE MaiTai's black fur collar. It makes me feel so elegant, which I am so NOT! I currently have the black one and have just learned there's a salt and pepper one, which would match my hair! YAY.

Ma Folie said...
I'm very happy with my black, as well as my salt and pepper, collars. The quality of the fur is excellent - far better than those of my local furrier.

keilani said...
The collars are absolutely beautiful and will be loved and appreciated. The detailing and craftsmanship are exquisite-you have created a sensation! Thank you for sharing your wonderful sense of style and for producing an item that makes every one feel special. So glad I ordered both the black and brown-and you were so kind to select the smallest and neatest ones for me to avoid overwhelming my neckline! I would not be surprised if we hear you have topped Hermes in sales. My very best wishes for your continued success! XOX, Lani

psaconsulting said...
I received the black and brown collars and LOVE them!!! They are truly wonderful and make such a special splash of all my scarves. I have just placed an order for the salt and pepper and am happily awaiting its arrival too. What a simply fabulous accessory from a fabulous and stylish woman :) Thank you again!

Anonymous said...
There lives a lady in France, Whose style is such a bunce. Order with her, And she'll send pearls and fur To those appreciating elegance. Thought I put it differently as I can only repeat all that has been said before: Easy to order, simple to pay, prompt parcel, lovely packed, gorgeous products! I just received my Salt&Pepper together with the necklace and I am totally happy. Thank you MaiTai, from GoodPixie. 

Scarf Addict said...
I was lucky enough to get a limited edition Poudre fur collar and it is just yummy! The colour is gorgeous, the fur is sooo long and soft it is wonderful - it's May now but roll on Winter so I can wear it (and my Black Fox)!! Thanks again MaiTai this is spot on!


  1. Dearest MT
    I love the new Honey&Beige fur collar I've just received.
    She is so beautiful, the color is so pretty, and the raccoon emphasizes so much her distinction, beauty and elegance.
    Thank you very much for your new Honey&Beige fur collar, and for your prompt shipping and lovely packaging.
    And thanks again, dear MT, for your great job, for your great blog, and for your good and special nature.
    With my warmest and best wishes

  2. The salt&pepper fur collar and the scarf rings are truly lovely and the packaging is so exquisite. And Thank you Mai Tai for being so kind and helpful throughout the purchasing process. With my warmest wishes

  3. I just received my black fur scarf collar and I am in love with it!! The collar is beautifully made, beautifully packaged, and shipped to me so quickly! I am looking forward to pairing it with my scarves and necklaces. This fabulous collar shall keep me stylish through the fall/winter seasons and beyond!! Thank you so much for everything Mai Tai! Best wishes, Karen

  4. Dear MT,
    I received your wonderful package this morning.Thank you MT for the beautiful mocca fur band.It arrived so beautifully wrapped.I cannot wait to use it with my one of my orange scarves.

  5. The écru and blue frost scarf fur bands I just received are extraordinarily beautiful.
    I'm so happy to have got them as most grateful to you for it.
    Thank you again.

  6. Wonderfully warm and fabulous scarf fur collar, translucent scarf rings, prompt delivery, pretty packaging, great and very helpful communication!! Thank you MT!! :D

  7. Once again I received my two new amazing fur collars taupe and blue frost in no time, and as usual they are so beautifully and artfully packed..I could not have hoped for a better service! MT you are just amazing!!!
    Thank you once again for giving us that special something to take our personal style a little further, and for being so sweet and sharing! You truly are an inspiration!
    With lots of love
    Tania T

  8. This is my second order and the new Taupe collar is more fabulous than the black that I had last year. As always, MT packed these beauties in pretty tissues and ribbon. Many thanks MT for teaching us another great way to use our silks during colder temps. A must have for every scarfie. Plan on adding other colors to my collection.

  9. I received my Taupe scarf fur collar last week and am extremely happy with my purchase! The latest version of the scarf fur collars are extremely well made and beautifully wrapped. The Taupe is also a great neutral color that works well with most of my wardrobe. I am tempted to get one in every color now! Thank you again MaiTai for going above and beyond and providing the best customer service! Hope to shop at your store again very soon!
    Best wishes,

  10. Just want to say how wonderfull my 2 fur collars have been this winter, got the Blue frost and the Grey fabulous colours and great to use my scarves in a new way, packaging is second to none will be buying more colours and also the lovely scarf rings, many thanks MaiTai

  11. I received my brown fur collar and this was my second one. I love both of them so much (brown and salt&pepper)! I especially like the fur cook that came with the new collar which makes it so convenient! Thank you again mai tai for providing the most beautiful product and best service! Very much look forward to shop more in your store again!

    Best wishes
    Y Liu

  12. I received my plum fur collar today and the colour was absolutely breathtaking. The fur collar itself was exactly as described if not even better. Thank you so much. Am looking forward to investing in my 2nd and 3rd collars very soon =)

  13. I just received my black fur collar today. I am so pleased with this purchase. The quality is superb. Fur collars are so "in" this year. I can't wait to start wearing it.

  14. I love my MT fur bands in black and blue frost!The quality and luxurious texture of the fur is top notch. Thank you for sharing your wonderful style.The fur bands are perfect for the petite women like me.So glad to get the bleu Indigo fur collar before sold out. It is absolutely beautiful.I am looking forward to having more MT collection items in 2012!

  15. Dear MaiTai,
    I received the black fur collar last week, and it is divine! First, it was perfectly and elegantly packaged. And second, it is even softer than I imagined. The quality is superb.
    Merci beaucoup!

  16. Hi Mai Tai,
    I love these collars and have 2 so far. I really appreciate the quality and innovation. I'd like to ask when the indigo color will be available again? Many thanks, Jessica

  17. Hopefully in about a weeks time. If you'd like me to put one aside for you, please send an email to:

  18. Aloha MaiTai!
    It was such a joy to use the fur band on my winter trip to Japan. Because I live in tropical island of Hawaii, I don't get to use it as much as I want...but your fur band made me wanting to go more trips in winter! The color was absolutely beautiful and satisfied with high quality. I'm thinking when I should order my next one... :) Thank you!

  19. Chère MaiTai,
    Je suis absolument ravie des trois cols en fourrure que j'ai reçus parfaitement emballés, la qualité et les couleurs sont splendides (moka, noir et bleu). Je n'arrivais pas à choisir et ne regrette pas de ne pas avoir choisi !!!
    Merci pour l'envoi rapide et le calcul au plus juste des frais de port qui je l'imagine explique le remboursement de la différence, c'est si rare.
    Moi qui ne portais que rarement mes foulards et autres twilly, j'ai enfin trouvé leur usage idéal et je passe d'un col à l'autre sans m'en lasser, les froids polaires actuels m'y invitant...
    Merci beaucoup pour ce site qui fourmille d'idées et à très bientôt sur FB !

  20. Dear MaiTai, Thank you for the latest two ordered fur collars, in amethyst and bourgogne. Really lovely, and in top quality! I will be back for more :-)
    Best regards, Agneta Westman, Stockholm

  21. Dear Mai Tai, Thank you so much for my beautiful bleu indigo fur collar which arrived today - it was beautifully wrapped, such a joy to undo the package! It goes beautifully with the two scarves I was hoping to match it to, both of which have quite different colour schemes so I am thrilled! It is fabulous quality, I will definitely be back to buy another. Thanks also for your prompt and responsive service, which was appreciated. Best regards, Emma

  22. Hello dear MaiTai,
    I now have SIX fur collars (and one honey scarf ring) in Black, Indigo, Taupe, Poudre, Caramel and Mocca - couldn't decide on colour and have many H-scarves to match. It is a perfect accessory for HK's winters. They are beautifully made and beautifully packaged. Thank you for these and your wonderful blog that always brings me joy. Many thanks and best wishes - Christa x

  23. Bonjour MaiTai, I'm delighted beyond words with my three glorious fur collars - I'm so glad I went for the Black, Poudre and Bourgogne collars in a single swoop! They are all perfectly proportioned, perfectly adaptable to any outfit and the pelts are of a beautiful quality. The Bourgogne colour exceeded my expectations - it glows in real life, is elegant with an edge and lights up my pale complexion. I'm now eyeing the Indigo ... the list goes on! With thanks and warmest regards, Corinne

  24. Dear Maitai, when is the framboise due back in stock please?

    1. My dear FF, please forgive me for this unbelievably late reply! The framboise color is discontinued, I am so sorry. Will let you know should something similar come up. xx

  25. Dear MaiTai,
    I can't wait to wear my MaiTai Collection black fur collar, starting this fall! This is such a versatile piece, so much better than my fox fur scarf which I must remove when indoors. This collar enhances so many of my sweaters and living in the subarctic as I do, it can be worn as part of my outfit--AND with my much loved scarves. You are a genius of design and fashion and so generous to share your ideas and creations with all of us. Thank you!!! Laura

  26. Dear MaiTai,
    Your scarf fur collars are absolutely wonderful and so versatile. Terrific quality, very reasonable price and fast shipping! It took only 9 days for the package to arrive in USA. Where I live it hardly gets very cold, so this is a perfect accessory to go along with a cardigan or a blazer. Thank you for your beautiful Collection!

  27. Dear MT,

    Thank you for the beautiful camel fur collar!It's my 4th MT fur collar! As always,ultra-fast shipping and gorgeous packaging.I often get compliments when I wear the fur collars. People think that it is elegant and practical(keeps one warm).Uyen-Chi

  28. Adding my thanks, MT. My black fur collar arrived London safe and sound along with my two new scarf rings. As always, perfectly wrapped and so beautiful. LOVE!! Now, the midnight blue one is calling my name. Xx

  29. My fur and horn scarf ring arrived just before Christmas! Thank you so much for your speed shipping and beautiful packaging as always. My son was smelling the fur and said "love it" so I said "it's the smell of Paris!"
    I can't wait till I go to Tokyo to wear this. It'll match perfectly with my H bags.


  30. The rich brown "mocca" collar is here, and it is perfectly lovely, a "wow"! It will be hard to limit myself to just one. I will be getting much more wear out of my silks in this very cold weather now, and definitely will be sporting my plisse more often! What a brilliant product. Best wishes from Anne

  31. WOW!it is my first purchase and the collar is beyond my expectation, superior quality, well done!i'll be back for more!encore! LOVE

  32. These are absolutely fab - clever, innovative design, and sent so beautifully packaged I could hardly bear to open the box and disturb the tissue inside to get to the collar! So happy with it, and the beautiful horn scarf buckle I ordered at the same time. Service so prompt, efficient and friendly, packaging truly exquisite, thank you MT.

  33. Dear MaiTai,

    I wanted to let you know my package arrived.
    I should have send you a note after my first order, I've been in the middle of redecorating my apartment and I let it slip my mind.
    The little luxuries you send are all so beautiful! The care and artistry that goes into the presentation is wonderful as well!
    I am a big fan and I can't wait for the autumn to purchase a silver fox scarf to complete my collection.
    Thank you so much,

    PS your photos of Venice has me thinking of spending my 50th birthday there, next year.
    It's been years since I've had a Bellini at Harry's. Paris is my original plan though, The Ritz should reopen by October 2014(my 50th birthday) so I am torn. Maybe I have to arrange to celebrate in both!

  34. Just received my bleu indigo fur collar (a gorgeous dark blue color), which was packaged beautifully. I can't wait for cooler weather to wear my new beauty! The fur is so soft and luxurious looking, with wonderful silk lining; making it perfect on both sides! What a creative and innovative new way to wear our scarves! I can think of at least 2 more colors of fur that I would love to add as the fall season approaches. :) Thankyou MaiTai for giving us such great quality and beauty in your products!

  35. Luxurious quality at an affordable price. It's a win-win! Beautiful colors to choose from; really gives extra mileage to your accessories! Thankyou, MaiTai!

  36. Bonsoir Maitai,
    Je vous ai dejà acheté 3 cols...superbes et je voudrais en avoir un camel...sera t il bientôt disponible?
    Merci et bonne soirée

    1. Merci, chère Edith. Les cols en camel seront disponible à peu près en quinze jours. Une belle semaine à vous!

    2. Merci beaucoup Maitai !!

  37. Thanks Mai Tai, the fur collars are so pretty! One of the 2 from this order was meant to be a Christmas present but now I can't bear to part with it! Makes decision so difficult (laughs). Just saw your new collars, wished they were out earlier. Wonder if a gillet would make business sense in the future? Just a random thought. Wishing you and your family a lovely Christmas! We hope to come back to southern France soon. Lots of love, Jasmine

  38. I just received my two fox fur collars in black and poudre and I am in love! They are so beautiful, well made and of highest quality. I am already planning to buy more because they truly are stunning pieces. Also fast shipping, beautiful wrapping and MaiTai´s friendly and personal service makes me a very, very satisfied customer. I could not be happier!

  39. My 5th and 6th fox fur collars came yesterday, joining the happy family of Black, Bleu Ardoise, Plum, and Taupe :) As with all MaiTai merchandize, they are of the top most quality, and one just can't find fur products as awesome elsewhere. And gosh, they are so beautiful. The Poudre is a dream come true - I've been waiting for this out-of-worldly beautiful colour to reappear for ages, and my patience paid off (yay). The new Champagne is gorgeous beyond words, especially so for a self-proclaimed bubbles fanatic. Thanks so very much, Tai, I'm head over heels in love with my new Poudre and Champagne <3 <3

  40. I have just received a saga fox fur collar in black and I am so pleased with my purchase. The quality is excellent, and the design works perfectly both with or without a scarf or insert. Living in the northeast of the United States has already afforded me a number of opportunities to use this new fur collar. It is the perfect combination of warmth and understated elegance. Thank you MaiTai for offering such a fantastic and useful product!
    Warmest regards,
    Anne in the United States

  41. Love my new plum fur collar. Currently wearing it with La Promende de Platon (black background with vibrant colors of magenta, purple, green and coral). It looks amazing and is really warm which is especially important given our really cold temps in Indiana today. MaiTai, thanks so much such a beautiful collar. As always, your product lines are top quality! Angie

  42. Dear MaiTai,

    I just wanted to let you know that there is a happy ending to the package’s odyssey . The blue fur collar is absolutely superb and the scarf rings complete the ensemble. These will go to my mother as I already have several in the same color.

    May I just say that you have the most stylish and creative ideas, and I’m so very glad I stumbled across your YouTube channel and in turn your website!

    Warm greetings from Switzerland,

  43. The fur collar arrived today and it is beautiful, my dear MaiTai. Thank you so very much--the packaging itself was quite a treat! :) I tried it on with one of my scarves, my favorite--a brown Sichuan--and several jackets and sweaters. I like it particularly with my jean jacket, of all things! It has given new life to my scarves and will bring much joy during these last weeks of winter and in the years to come.

    I look forward to future purchases from your beautiful collection.

    With all best wishes, Amy

  44. Dear MaiTai,

    I have just got the scarf ring and the color is superb ! I’am so happy because i twas so lovely packed up, with your delightful message.
    And my daughter wants to get back the lovely ribbon to put on her hair (she ‘s 9 years old !)
    I never have received such a sweetheart package.
    Now, I’am going to try the scarf ring, I’m not very talended, but with tutorials I hope I succeed in doing it !
    I think I will buy another one for 90’s Hermès, and a white one too for the summer ;

    With my best thanks, Bon après midi et un grand merci !
    Anne Marie

  45. I just received my two scarves and I LOVE them soo much. They are elegant, finely crafted, and so fluffy!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH MAI TAI !!!!!